Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue is a mainly foster based rescue. We have an facility to help with intakes but rely mostly on foster homes to care for our animals!

The more foster homes we have the more animals we can rescue!       

Bringing a foster animal into your home is an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience. You have a direct role in saving an unwanted animal's life and that is an amazing feeling. Our fosters care for their foster animals just like they were their own pets; with love, care and compassion.



1. Fosters must be at least 18 years of age and all members of the household must be in agreement with fostering.  

 ​2. Fosters must own their own home or have permission from landlord prior to home visit.  

 3. All current animals must be up to date on vaccinations as well as spayed or neutered (unless medical reason)   

4. Fosters must have reliable transportation to transport their foster animals to vet appointments, adoption events and other appointments as necessary.   

5. Must sign a contract

Fostering Q&A

1. What is a foster home expected to do?   

First and foremost, a foster home's main job is to love and care for the animals placed with them just like they were their own. This means providing food, shelter, love, warmth, exercise, play and training. Foster homes also transport their foster animals to any necessary vet appointments, adoption events and meet and greets with potential adopters.           

2. Are there any costs associated with fostering?   

No. Bandaged Paws provides all necessary and reasonable supplies such as but not limited ; veterinary care, food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, litter boxes, crates and training.            

3. How long do I have my foster animal for?   

Each and every animal is different. All animals coming into the rescue go through a mandatory 10 day quarantine before being available for adoption. Usually an animal stays with you until it is adopted unless it needs to be moved for various reasons deemed necessary by the rescue.           

4. What kind of animal can I foster? 

Our fosters take care of cats, dogs or both. There is also special foster homes for orphans, pregnant dogs and cats, medical cases and high risk quarantines.           

5. I have small kids, can I still foster? 

Absolutely! We take into account the knowledge we have about an animal before placing it in a home with children. Personal safety is of utmost importance to us.​           

6. Can I still go on vacation while I foster?   

Yes. We can move your foster animal to a temporary foster home while you are away as long as we have a minimum of 2 weeks notice.           

7.What if I want to adopt my foster? 

Fosters go through the same application process as anyone else. This process is started with the application once an animal is deemed available by the rescue. Once your foster animal is available for adoption we will start screening applicants and once an application is approved we will not stop an adoption in process.      ​     

8. What if my foster animal doesn't work out? 

We do our best to place an animal that will be suitable in your home but sometimes for whatever reason it doesn't work out. We will do our best to correct any issues you may be having and if it can't be corrected will move the animal to a more suitable foster home. If there is ever an issue of safety we will move the animal as soon as possible.          

​9. How do I get started fostering?   

Please fill out the foster home application by clicking the button below. Our foster home coordinator will review the application and be in touch to schedule a home visit.