Adoption Application

Yay! This is the first step to getting your new furry companion home.

Please make sure you have read the "Adopt" page to better understand our adoption process. We do not review applications until the animal is officially available for adoption.

Please fill out all questions as detailed as possible and ensure all information is correct and to the best of your knowledge.

Once submitted, you will received an email with further information. If you do not receive the email, we have not received your application. Discrepancies in information given can result in the application being denied.


We have separate applications for dogs and cats

Important note: We ask that you only fill out an application when you are ready to take an animal home. We allot 5 days for a meet and greet to be arranged and 72 hours after the meet and greet for the adoption to be finalized. These timelines are in place as part of our effort to open up space to the animals waiting for our help.

If you are looking to adopt a cat, click here for the 

 If you are looking to adopt a dog, click here for the