Adoption Information


Looking for a companion?

First off, THANK YOU for looking to adopt from a rescue! 

There are an estimated 5 stray animals for each human in North America. 

With so many cats and dogs looking for their happily ever after, 

we are hoping we can help you complete even just one of those stories.      

The animals in our care have experienced helplessness, abandonment and some, unspeakable neglect and dire conditions. 

Yet, they still have so much love to give.       

Being a mainly foster based rescue allows for us to learn so much about our animals to be able to pair them with the most suitable home. We learn about their personalities, likes, dislikes and fun quirks! Some animals have to learn to trust again but most importantly they learn the love and care of a family while they patiently wait for a forever home


What can you expect when adopting from us?

- All our animals are in our care for a minimum of ten days. We use this time to get to know each animal; observe any medical or behavioral issues that may arise.    


- Every animal sees a vet before being placed up for adoption. We believe this is a very important step to giving the animals the best start and adopters a piece of mind. In rescue, there are no health guarantees so we have this process in place to be the next best thing. Animals receive health checks, microchip, vaccines up to date, parasite control and rabies (if of age). (*Additional dewormer or vaccinations may be required after adoption at the cost of the new owner.)         

 - Spaying and neutering is the most important part of their vet care. Every animal that comes through our rescue has their spay or neuter paid for in full by us. If the animal is of age, this happens prior to adoption. It they are under six months, we book and pay for their appointment to be fixed at 6 months with our vet!  This is 110% mandatory they be spayed/ neutered. Sterilization is the one and only guaranteed way to not add to the pet over-population. With so many animals needing homes, we all need to be a part of the solution!


What is the application process like?

We start accepting applications on animals once their quarantine is over and they have passed their vet exam. At this point their status is changed to available and we work on a first come first served basis. Keep in mind, we are mainly volunteer run so often we process applications in the evening so there can be multiple submitted in a day but we will let you know if that's the case! At adoption events, they are processed at the end of the event.           

Once the application is reviewed, you will be contacted. Renters are required to have in writing from their landlord that they are allowed to have a pet and they must be in their homes for a minimum of 3 months. If we believe you are a good fit, we will set up a meet and greet with the animal. Meet and greets allow for you to see how the animals interacts with your family and any other pets. We believe this is another important step to ensuring our animals find the matches for both the animal and humans.           

There is than a 24 hour wait period after the initial meeting. This time is given for you to decide and discuss (if needed) if the animal is a good fit for you, your lifestyle and your family.       

If it's mutually agreed upon that this is the animal for you - congratulations and thank you for saving a life! You will be forever repaid daily in love, kisses and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with helping the helpless.

Much more than just a cute face...

Adoption Fees

Puppies, 8 weeks - 1 year: $325

Adult Dogs, 1 + - 8 years old: $245

 Senior, 8+ years old or special needs dogs: $175

Kittens, 8 weeks - 1 year:  $145 

Cats, 1+ - 8 years: $95

Senior, 8+ years old or special needs cats: $65     

 All adoption fees include full cost of spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations up to date, deworming, 6 week free trial of pet insurance through Petsecure and rabies vaccine if of age. 

(Additional vaccines or dewormer may be required after adoption with the cost covered by the adopter)    


*We reserve the right to deny any adoption application*