Jaxon – Adopted

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Jaxon – Adopted

Jaxon is no longer in quarantine and is now available to be adopted! If interested please fill out an inquiry! Jaxon is a very energetic and vocal 11 week old husky mix. She has beautiful markings and is full of personality. Luckily she was found as her lifespan has most likely increased significantly from where she was residing. If she had remained on the reserve she will never have received medical care, a warm home and most importantly she may never have known a warm heart. Like so many others, her start wasn’t pleasant but we’re hoping she finds a forever home with a family that loves her even though she will be quite the handful when she gets a bit bigger.


  1. How is jaxon doing? Is he available for applications for adoption yet?

    • Jaxon is her very energetic and vocal self! She is still in her quarantine period and won’t be available for any meet and greets until mid week next week but you’re more than welcome to fill out an inquiry for her!

  2. Is Jaxon adopted?

    • She is! She was adopted this weekend.

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