NAME: LEVI BREED: GERMAN SHEPARD CROSS SEX: MALE (FIXED) AGE: 2-3 YEARS Levi is a big boy with a very sweet personality. He is very friendly with people and most other dogs when introduced properly. He does sometimes forget his size and knock the little ones over. Levi lost his...

Big Mac

NAME: Big Mac (aka. Amaka) SEX: MALE (Neutered) AGE: 2-3 YEARS UPDATE: Mac LOVES belly rubs! He still hides under the bed but comes out as soon as he hears his foster mom. He is great with the other cats and even a large dog. Meet Big Mac! He was...


NAME: ATHENA SEX: FEMALE (FIXED) AGE: 1-2 YEARS Athena is a long haired light brown tabby about a year old. She is very friendly and likes to greet her people. She loves to be petted and brushed. She likes to talk and get your attention for more love and treats.


NAME: SHERMAN AGE: 6 MONTHS SEX: MALE (Neutered) UPDATE:He is making progress in a great foster home. He now comes out for his food and is curious to the other cats around him. He is becoming more comfortable everyday. Sherman was the smallest of his siblings and still quite timid....

Mr. Peabody

Name: Mr. Peabody Gender: Male Age: 6 months UPDATE: MR. Peabody is enjoying life in his foster home. He is starting to play more and loves feeding time! Mr. Peabody is an approx. 6 month old male. He is the largest of his siblings and his exploring his world more...


Name: King Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Gender: Male Age: 3+ King is a super snuggly boy who loves nothing more then to warm your feet under the blankets on a cold winter day! He is mostly content to curl up calmly beside you with your morning coffee. A few intense...


Name: Gracie Breed: Domestic Short Hair Gender: Female Age: 2 year Gracie is a beautiful cat with a unique smile.  She will make you earn her love but once you do she will love you forever.  She came in with her sister and a serious attitude problem but through desensitization...


Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue is a volunteer run organization. We are a foster based rescue program, meaning all of our animals live in foster homes and are cared for by the families there. While this does limit the number of space we have it gives a second chance to those animals who wouldn't thrive in a shelter setting, while giving peace of mind to those people in an emergency situation who want to ensure their pets have the smoothest transition possible when needing to be rehomed. We also help relieve some of the pressure to local shelters by giving them a place to recommend when they have to turn away people to avoid over crowding.

Upcoming Events


Winston’s Health & Fitness – Top Dog Power Fitness Meet

We are so happy to announce Winston’s Health & Fitness Centre is raising money for Bandaged Paws by having it’s first Top Dog Power Fitness Meet Promoting healthy lifestyles and saving animals at the same time! Amazing Winston’s! You can pick up your registration package with pledge form at Winston’s!

PetValu Adoption Event

Saturday December 13th from 1-4pm we will be having an adoption event at Petvalu, located at 11012 – 100 street, Grande Prairie. We will have coffee and hot chocolate on hand! Come on out and meet our volunteers and our animals!